Monday, 10 February 2014

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“When I get drunk and find myself in a semi-conscious state, passed out on the sidewalk, someone else might say, ‘That’s life,’ but I would reply, ‘No, that’s just going out on the town.’”

Written with an unerring eye for detail, psychology and breathtaking honesty, Winterwood, a tale of conflict, murder and transcendence, relates the cataclysmic events that engulf the Tulloch family during the harsh southern New Zealand winter of 1986. In a family saga that meditates deeply on the nature of love, honour, and duty, the three Tulloch brothers Michael, Martin and Paul are swept up in a whirlwind of violence, revenge, psychosis and lust as they attempt to come to terms with the legacy of their parents’ troubled marriage, their father’s dark patrimony, and the tensions wrought in the social psyche by the strain of trying to establish a life at the very ends of the Earth. Pitted against the fierce elements of their rugged homeland and their own inner demons, the struggles of the Tulloch sons are depicted on an epic scale, and the depth of the author’s vision of human resilience in the face of ferocious odds makes the novel a darkly compelling – and ultimately triumphant – affirmation of our capacity to endure, and overcome, tragedy and torment.     

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‘Seafarers young and old, intertwined and owned

For all eternity, by the killer sea’

Killer Sea is the story of a young diver with a death wish who journeys through the South East Asian oil fields, finding a harsh and hostile world of survival and endurance amid a cast of cutthroat bastards and glorious sinners. It’s also a journey of self-discovery, a young man finding his real place in the world. It’s all here, the secrets of off-shore oil drilling in South East Asia revealed: prostitution and drug dealing; oil company corruption and cover ups; back stabbing and murder; typhoons and shipwrecks; and last – but far from least – the danger of deep-sea diving.

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  1. Have just finished reading "killer sea". A very enjoyable book that was hard to put down. A gripping tale about deep sea diving with no holds barred.